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The Academy

Everything is about to change. You are about to gain access to the most comprehensive veterinary practice management course there is. A course that will give you the framework and tools you need to be successful. You will be guided step by step on how to:

  • Identify your compelling vision and strategic plan
  • Build a self-reliant team
  • Set Standards
  • Systems A to Z
  • What you measure you can improve

We built this course because we believe you deserve a brighter future, and we believe the only thing keeping you from attaining it is the necessary support system and logistical processes. That is exactly what you will get with this course. So get excited – you’re taking a powerful step towards your future.

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A Preview of The Course

Here, you’ll see a high-level view of a few course topics. In the course itself, you will be guided step by step on how to execute.

What your colleagues are saying…

I found that the practical and comprehensive strategies presented in this course were instrumental in the rapid growth and success of my clinic.

Colleen Murray, DVM, Katy Trail Animal Hospital (Dallas, TX)
Happier staff, better medicine, happier clients, better financials…the Relationship Centered Practice should be an easy decision for any practice.
David Caddell, Hospital Director, Ann Arbor Animal Hospital (Ann Arbor, MI)
Tracy Dowdy’s Relationship Centered Practice Model has been instrumental in the growth and vision of my practice.
Bryan Wade, DVM, A Caring Heart Veterinary Hospital (Wichita Falls, TX)
The education and training we received in the areas of strategic planning, human resources, developing standards and systems and managing the business based on metrics has made our organization more structurally sound.
Clint Wolverton, CEO of Community Pet Outreach (Lewisville, TX)
Using the techniques in the Relationship Centered Practice Academy, we set standards and developed systems to allow the team to grow and function both independently and as a team.
Richard Gesell, DVM, Acton Animal Hospital (Granbury, TX)
Implementing the strategies of the Relationship Centered Practice model has been largely responsible for cooperative, collegial and collaborative interactions with our team which led to greater productivity, a more enjoyable workplace and, fair to say, greater financial success.
Peter Glassman, DVM, Friendship Hospitals for Animals (Washington, DC)
Our practice has grown significantly over the past ten years but our management skills had not. Tracy Dowdy’s Relationship Centered Practice framework helped us identify our organizational needs and implement the changes necessary. We VERY pleased with the results.
Jenifer Russell, DVM, Chesapeake Veterinary Hospital (Chesapeake, MD)