A fundamental shift

There is a systemic problem in the business model for veterinarians. Veterinarians are required to act as the agent of change in nearly every facet of building a successful business. Because of this, talented and intelligent veterinarians are left feeling stressed, ill prepared, and burned out. What’s needed is a fundamental shift in the way a practice is organized, led, and grown. Showing you how to do that is exactly the purpose of this website.

The Relationship Centered Practice was built to be a model that helps you to unlock your veterinary practice’s full potential. Our signature service is our online course, The Academy. In this course, students will learn how to tackle important challenges that are often vexing: hiring, standards of care, standards of procedure, communication skills, and more. Tracy is also a sought-after speaker at national conferences and is renowned for her consulting work.

Online Course

Trusted by industry leaders

Ms. Dowdy identified important areas that were being mismanaged or neglected. She directed the implementation of specific management strategies that brought productive order out of chaos… Now we can enthusiastically plan for tomorrow instead of just struggling to get through today. I can’t thank her enough.

Dr. Roy Gully, owner of Gully Animal Hospital

I have known Tracy for over 10 years, and worked most closely with her when we were both active members of VetPartners. Tracy knows so much about how to successfully run veterinary practices that I found her to be a trusted and insightful resource when I was still early on in my veterinary career. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious, and she has a genuine passion for helping practice-owning veterinarians achieve the goals they set for their practices and themselves. Along with a strong ethical compass, she has the hands-on experience and knowledge to help practice owners no matter the challenges they are facing. In today’s competitive environment in the veterinary industry, Tracy is a resource that is great to have in your corner.

Doug Drew, President of US Animal Hospitals at VCA

I have known Tracy in her role as the president of VetPartners and also as a business consultant and leader within our industry. She was a mentor to me as I prepared to take on her role as the president of VetPartners. I highly recommend Tracy for veterinary practice consulting and work with our industry partners.

Bruce Truman, President of VetPartners, Founder of BLT Consulting
Relationship Centered Practice Academy

A free preview

In the videos below, you will get a free preview of the RCP course. You will gain valuable insight into the kinds of standards and processes that your hospital requires to sustainably thrive on its own.