“All veterinary practices, large or small, are made up of individuals with their own sets of needs that must be addressed so everyone can work together effectively as a team. This is what makes my work invigorating: identifying those needs, and then, as a partner and change leader, giving my clients the tools they need to work through the process. The greatest reward is watching as practices embrace the changes that bring them to the next level of success.”



Our why

We exist because we believe in what you do, and we believe in who you are. Choosing to dedicate your life to protecting pets is truly inspiring. And we believe that a brighter future awaits you, and that you are fully capable of achieving it. Our mission is to help you get there. The way we do that is exactly the focus of this website, our online course, and our consulting services.


Clean. Sterile. Sulfur-like. These are the smells of childhood for Tracy Dowdy. As the daughter of a veterinarian, Tracy grew up smelling the same scents veterinarians all over the world smell every day. Even on days she wasn’t visiting her father’s practice, she smelled the puppy breath, bleach, and bad coffee on him when he came home after a long day of taking care of the animals in their community. But Tracy’s experience in the veterinary industry goes far beyond familiar scents and spending time in her father’s practice.

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In 1995, Tracy joined Advanced Animal Care Centre in Bedford, Texas. Within 3 years of leading the practice in a new direction, she contributed to its extraordinary growth and financial success. Tracy was also instrumental in the practice receiving the Hospital Design Merit Award (1998) and the Practice of Excellence Award (2000) from Veterinary Healthcare Communications, the publishers of Veterinary Economics magazine.
As a certified veterinary practice manager, she has managed and owned multiple practices and elevated them to new levels of success. And now, after consulting, coaching and speaking to veterinary professionals for over 22 years, Tracy is considered a key opinion leader and subject matter expert in the veterinary profession. She uses her breadth of knowledge and experience to help veterinarians and their teams realize their goals and achieve their dreams.