Tracy Dowdy: The early days
(a veterinary practice consultant in the making)

Clean. Sterile. Sulfur-like. These are the smells of childhood for Tracy Dowdy. As the daughter of a veterinarian, Tracy grew up smelling the same scents veterinarians all over the world smell every day. Even on days she wasn’t visiting her father’s practice, she smelled the puppy breath, bleach, and bad coffee on him when he came home after a long day of taking care of the animals in their community. But Tracy’s experience in the veterinary industry goes far beyond familiar scents and memories of her father.

In 1995, Tracy joined Advanced Animal Care Centre in Bedford, Texas. Within 3 years of leading the practice in a new direction, she contributed to its extraordinary growth and financial success. Tracy was also instrumental in the practice receiving the Hospital Design Merit Award (1998) and the Practice of Excellence Award (2000) from Veterinary Healthcare Communications, the publishers of Veterinary Economics magazine.

Tracy has also been a veterinary practice owner. As a certified veterinary practice manager, she has managed multiple practices and elevated them to new levels of success. And now, Tracy uses her breadth of knowledge and experience to help veterinarians and their teams realize their goals.

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Tracy Dowdy: Now (professional veterinary practice consultant)

Tracy has more than 20 years of experience as a veterinary practice consultant. She has worked with hundreds of practices nationwide in the areas of strategic planning, developing systems, operational workflow, client service training, staff training, financial growth, leadership coaching, and many other aspects of veterinary practice management consulting.

Her philosophy is unique and her results are proven. Request a consultation with Tracy to find out what she can do for your practice.