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Be Bold

Often times, a talented and intelligent veterinarian will have spent years pursuing their passion for animals, but will eventually find themselves feeling overwhelmed with the ins and outs of managing a veterinary practice. Veterinary schools and traditional support systems failed to prepare them for delegating tasks to employees, implementing standards and protocols, creating improvement action plans, and charting their business growth. Thousands of practice owners face these problems. Our message is simple:

Be bold. It is not weakness to ask for help.

You don’t have to live with burnout, stress, poor profitability and a lack of clarity for how to improve. Take charge, and we’ll solve this. Together.

How it works
Areas of Expertise
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“The culture of our hospital has completely changed and I cannot begin to count the number of clients who have approached me, unsolicited, and stated how dramatically the clinic has improved from a customer relations perspective, over the last three years…the precise timing of when we initiated Tracy Dowdy’s turnaround plan. Additionally, our COGS, labor, and overhead have all improved…”

How it works

You care about providing high-quality care to your patients while growing a profitable practice. You need an exceptional team, processes, and systems in order to achieve your goals. Our consulting services are meant to guide you step by step in how to achieve these critical components of a thriving veterinary practice.

We take a four-step process.

Relationship Centered Practice

The process

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    Each session begins with an in-depth analysis of your financial statements and key performance indicators. In conjunction with this analysis, Tracy conducts, reviews, and compiles confidential staff surveys based on feedback from your employees. This gives her a clear picture of what’s working…and what needs to improve.

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    After visiting your facility and meeting with the entire healthcare team, she facilitates a strategic planning session that covers your practice’s strengths, weaknesses, and over-arching vision. It’s out of this session that you and Tracy create a clear-cut action plan that will enable you to meet your objectives.

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    Every practice is different in how it functions and what its needs are. Depending on your specific needs, Tracy will partner with you to develop a customized consulting and implementation package that’s practical, realistic, and right for your business so that it can be more successful.

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    Tracy asks big questions to achieve big results, and she works with practice owners to measure the results of the consultation through monthly metrics. After working with her, her clients are better equipped to attend to their day-to-day responsibilities while never losing sight of their ultimate goal.


conquer fear.

Areas of Expertise

Tracy can help you address some of the common issues that veterinary practice managers encounter, including:

  • Low response numbers to employment ads placed
  • Large volume of résumés that need to be screened and reviewed
  • Difficulty finding the time to call applicants to conduct phone interviews or set up onsite interviews

Tracy offers a variety of recruiting solutions to these problems, from “turn-key” candidate placement of professional and paraprofessional staff, to simply guiding you through the process. The goal of these solutions is to allow you to spend more time on what’s most important: your clients and their pets.

Tracy will tailor a plan based on your specific needs, which may include:

  • Placing employment ads with verbiage designed to attract the best applicants
  • Screening résumés to identify qualified candidates
  • Conducting phone and/or on-site employment interviews
  • Assisting with the hiring process of professional and paraprofessional staff members
  • Assisting with employment contracts and compensation packages
  • Effective methods and tools for recruiting and retaining high-performance teams
  • Thorough training programs for all positions in a veterinary practice
  • Proven methods to increase performance, skills, and communication with teams
  • Written tools to assist with HR policies, procedures, and standards
  • Financial reporting and analysis
  • Establishing fair fees
  • Financing and banking relations
  • Detailed monthly financial and operational reviews
  • Business process re-engineering and management control
  • Discover a better way to review and analyze medical records
  • Develop effective methods for consistent, high-quality patient care
  • Improve compliance through improved communication with doctors and staff
  • Effective client service training programs
  • Practical client education tools
  • Tried-and-true methods for developing your client service niche
  • Winning client retention programs
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Not sure where to start?

Relax, we’ve got you covered. The best first step for you to take is to schedule a call with Tracy so she can listen and learn more about your business’s unique needs, answer your questions and help you navigate the best way to engage her services.

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