In December, I was honored to be featured on NAVC’s “Profiles in Leadership.” Here’s just one of the questions they asked me and my answer to it.

NAVC: Through VetFolio, we’re delighted to offer your breakthrough ideas on how to prevent burnout and reduce stress for veterinary professionals. Practice owners tell us the fear that comes with the territory on the road to becoming successful. Others assume they can’t afford to hire a professional consultant for help. Your videos share a practical, strategic framework that is essential to owning, operating, and working in a successful veterinary practice…at no charge! Please give us an overview about your approach and the best way to get started.

Tracy: It is an exciting and challenging time in our profession. There are so many great opportunities for everyone working in veterinary medicine. Since the human-animal bond is changing, and many pet owners see their pets as members of the family, we can make a difference in the lives of pets and their people. We get to treat pets with a high level of medical care so they live longer and healthier lives, which also improves the health and happiness of people! Not every person in the world can say they have a career where they are making a difference like this every day.

On the flip side, our profession is also facing many challenges, such as the increase of pet owner expectations, increase in the competition, corporate consolidation, advanced technology, student loan debt, and work-life balance issues. I know most practice owners, veterinarians, managers, and their teams want to work in thriving, high-performing hospitals. I believe my Relationship Centered Practice® Academy online program is a simple solution to help veterinarians and their teams navigate their way through these opportunities and challenges in an intentional way that will bring true success to everyone. My free video series introduces veterinary professionals to the Relationship Centered Practice Academy, a comprehensive framework for veterinary professionals to create and optimize a thriving, profitable practice that is centered on the relationships it has with its clients, patients, and team. The Relationship Centered Practice framework consists of the following five components, which are essential to practice success:

  1. Identifying a compelling vision and strategic plan
  2. Building a self-reliant team
  3. Setting standards
  4. Creating systems
  5. Managing your practice with metrics

Over the last two decades, I have seen some incredible results with practices that have implemented this framework. They increased revenue; improved client retention and community reputation; provided a higher level of patient care; increased client compliance; improved operational efficiency, practice culture, and employee engagement; as well as increased their profitability and the value of their practices. My program teaches veterinary professionals the steps that others have taken to reach the next level of success. My hope is that every practice owner, leader, and manager has the knowledge, training, and tools to take their practice to the next level, where they are working smarter not harder. Where they have more free time and money. Where they experience less stress and increased job and personal satisfaction.

The best way to get started is become a member of my program.

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